Hey there! Welcome to my journal. I’m so glad you stopped bye. I feel we will be fast friends! I am┬áLainika Rosener, otherwise known as Laini! I’m a natural light photographer based out of Ute, Iowa. This journal will give you the chance to step into my life and see all the new and exciting […]

I told them to tell their parents a secret… I asked if they could do that and they both agreed they could. Noah had a mischievous smile on his face and I was wondering what he was going to say… I didn’t have to wait long! I got my camera ready and told the boys […]

When I walked in the door of their living room to meet everyone, I could hear the sounds of happy conversations and the laughter of children (which to most people sounds like chaos, but to me it sounds like home.) I couldn’t help but smile back at all the lovely faces as my excitement for […]

Hannah is the picture of a joyful person! I don’t think I have ever seen Hannah without a smile on her face. She has the most fun personality and is a joy to be around! I had a blast on her senior session! We found so many fun downtown spots and the weather was gorgeous! […]

The minister asked everyone to stand. The doors opened and Anastasia walked through the door on the arm of her father. She was holding back tears as she looked to her future husband. Adam’s face had a smile that went from ear to ear and he blinked back tears. They had waited for this moment […]

We pulled up to a gorgeous rolling hill glistening with water droplets from a fresh rain. The hill sloped gentle down to beautiful hanging willow trees. The sun was peaking through the storm clouds that had just showered the earth with water and made everything extra sparkly! I knew this was going to be epic […]

Blooming tree sessions have a special place in my heart, but when you add two adorable little girls it just can’t get any better! Braeleigh and Kinsley were not only the cutest little girls ever, but their personalities are the best!! I had so much fun picking blooms, throwing petals, twirling, sharing candy (my secret […]

When I walked around the corner of the Nelson’s house and saw the rolling green hills of the golf corse that is their backyard, my heart fluttered just a little! What a dream to have this beauty at your fingertips! Josh and Lindsey are the most gracious and sweet couple who share a love that […]

I love hosting and planning parties and events so I was super excited to plan my first ever 1st birthday party!! There were so many cute ideas that were flying around in my head but I finally decided to do a camping/fishing themed party for our handsome boy Valor! Thank you Pinterest! How did we […]

This session might be my all time favorite engagement session to date! Not only were these two the BOMB, but I got to do my first ever vintage inspired session and I LOVED it!!! There is just something so romantic about the era they chose to replicate and I can’t imagine a cuter couple to […]

One year ago, God blessed me with the best gift of all! One year ago, I became a momma to the sweetest little boy! I can’t believe all the changes that have come with being a mom. The fierce love for a little human being that floods your heart, the protectiveness that sometimes overwhelms you, […]

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